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SQL or structured query language is the language used to access information in the Administrative Information System's (AIS) reporting database (RPT). RPT is a copy of AIS which is reloaded nightly with the previous day's information. RPT was created to give us a place to run scripts without placing a strain on the AIS database. The term "Script" is another term used for a query written in SQL.

On the right you will see the names of several scripts created to help you query data from RPT using a query tool such as Golden. These scripts have been written in a generic format which will allow you to input your specific account information when prompted.

If you are a more seasoned SQL user you may even want to create some scripts of your own. These base scripts are the perfect thing to get you started because they already contain all of the table links. If you create something you feel would be useful to others please pass it along to me ( and I will publish it here.